Pamir offroad adventures
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About us

«Pamir Off-Road Adventure Tours» is a travel company providing tours along the Pamir Highway conducts individual and group tailor-made tours along the Silk Road, cultural tours, eco trekking and mountaineering expeditions around Tajikistan Pamirs, Afghanistan Wakhan valley, Kyrgyzstan and can provide all travel services including: visa support, border access, climbing permits, hotels and guest house bookings, transport services well equipped Toyota Landcruisers with English speaking drivers best knowledge of the area, air tickets to destinations and staff hire.

Most of tours will be provided by Pamir Haighway our nature, culture, hospitality, different national traditions, ancient histories and authentic nomadic life in the eastern Pamir.


Information about our service providers:

  • English speaking guides who have great knowledge in tourism, history, and the locality.
  • Drivers with good experience of the geography of the region and treat the visitors with respect and kindness. 
  • Cooks who make tasty national meals.
  • Every service provider has had  tourism training - provided by META. They are very polite & helpful with a minimum of five years experience.
  • For our tours we use 4*4 jeeps which are well equipped for the poor road conditions.
  • For treks we have porters, who are very well trained and physically strong with good knowledge about the area; as well as pack animals, such as horses, camels and yaks.


The Pamir Region

The Pamirs are an area of outstanding natural beauty in Tajikistan, boasting some of the most mountainous landscapes anywhere in the world. But against this remote backdrop most people live in poverty and over a quarter of the population are unemployed: Tourism helps to alleviate poverty because it is  «consumed» in the same place where it is produced, i.e. the tourist visits the destination and buys foods and services there. In addition, tourism employs large numbers of people in the season, for different activities, including a high percentage of young people and women. ITourism takes place in remote areas even in peripheral areas that have strong cultural traditions and largely untouched natural environments.

With no electricity or other obvious sources of energy, the communities of the Eastern Pamir rely upon burning teresken, a short woody shrub, to heat their homes and ovens for cooking purposes. Teresken deforestation is a huge local issue and has resulted in desertification of large areas in the region.

During the Soviet period permanent settlements were constructed for the Kyrgyz of Murghab, and only a few now set  up their yurts in the high  pastures (jailoo  in Kyrgyz) The elevation of the Murghab region is  from 3500—4700m.