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4 Days Tours around Murghab,Shaimak.

4 Days tour around Murghab region.

Day 1 Murghab to Shaimak:

The tour starts from centre of town, seeing the sights of Murghab: visiting the Yak House handcraft shop, the local market and Lenin's statue. Then drive We  east along the Aksu river to Shaymak, en route visiting Toktomysh village, and stopping for lunch at a teahouse. There will be opportunities for conversation with local people, several short photo stops, and travelling through beautiful landscapes. Shaymak is one of the best places for animal breeders, because it is in a high altitude open large valley, close to the borders with China and Afghanistan. We stay in the village at a local home stay, basic.Lunch, Dinner.


Day 2 Shaimak to Sarygorum (summer pasture)

From Shaymak we drive to Karajilga then crossing the Solongur pass at 4500m. This is a beautiful area and from the top of the pass we get a great view of the Pamir mountains before dropping fown to the wildness lake also called Solongur, where we have a picnic lunch. We drive on to Sarygorum summer pasture where you can Yak back riding and walking around the yurt camp Look out for wild animals such marco polo sheep, or other wildlife. We spend the night in the yurt, experiencing Kyrgyz nomadic life, basic. BLD.

Day 3 Sarygorum to Mashaly (summer pasture)

We drive back to Murghab via Jartygumbez and Mashali summer pasture, en route stop In Jartygumbez you would have warm swimming pool, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pamir 's plateu mountains. Yurt stay, basic.BLD.

Day 4 Mashaly to Murghab via Belairik pass.

From Mashaly to Belayrik pass where we have a view point over Zorkul lake. Zorkul is a wild and relatively unexplored lake, located between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. We drive for an hour by car from Jarty Gumbez, then walk to the pass, which is at 4560m and takes 4 hours (there and back). The local guide takes you to the view point, walking slowly particularly the last part which is on snow and rocky, narrow paths. We have lunch at the top, before returning to the car and driving back to Murghab through the Naizatash pass 4160m. The landscapes are incredible! In Murghab local home stay Erali, with shower. BLD.

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